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DUMAQI is a screen-free tangible programming kit for children over three years old


Suitable for children over 3 years old

What is the connection between DUMAQI and programming?

Children arrange physical bricks to control DUMAQI and to get feedback. Through the process, children can learn computational thinking

What is the difference between similar products

  1. DUMAQI is suitable for preschool and elementary school children. It’s a teaching instrument with toy attributes.
  2. There are quite some advanced contents with DUMAQI.
  3. DUMAQI can draw very precisely, and the teacher can use GOBOT in mathematics class.
  4. DUMAQI is easily compatible with Lego bricks

The composition of DUMAQI

DUMAQI Standard Edition: 1 draw bot(built-in lithium battery), 1 control board(built-in lithium battery), 33 basic programming blocks, 1-2 maps, 1 charger line, 1 pen and, 5 smart cards. Expansions can be purchased as needed

Can DUMAQI be used in combination with Lego? Is using DUMAQI the same as playing Lego

DUMAQI is compatible with Lego bricks, which increases its content richness. DUMAQI as a robot is not equivalent to Lego or Lego robots, because we design DUMAQI with distinct purposes

Is DUMAQI compatible with all sizes of LEGO bricks?

Yes, small size bricks are preferred

Do I need to purchase batteries

No additional purchase required. DUMAQI has built-in rechargeable lithium batteries

What’s the maximum usage time for a set of fully charged DUMAQI

DUMAQI is durable for a maximum of 4 hours of continuous use

Do I need the internet

No internet required. At present, DUMAQI includes two main parts, the control board, and the draw bot. You may operate DUMAQI normally without the internet

Need to have prior programming experience

No programming experience is required. We design DUMAQI such that children could have their first programming experience

Do children need to be literate

In most cases, literacy is not required. Some courses need children to know basic numbers and a few English letters

Are there installations before use? Do I need to assemble it

No installation or assembly required, just turn on the power and you are ready to go. In the future, there will be an App for DUMAQI upgrade

Is DUMAQI safe for children

Very safe! Our products are fully compliant with relevant safety regulations. Among them, the built-in lithium battery has a battery protection circuit, so there is no need to worry about the battery exploding or burning. Besides, the output of the charging device is in a safe voltage range without causing any harm to the human body. DUMAQI uses Bluetooth and RFID wireless transmission methods. It is a low-power transmission. The amount of radiation generated will not cause any level of safety hazards to the human body. In fact, the radiation of mobile phones, computers, and home appliances is much larger than DUMAQI. The DUMAQI body’s protective case is made of food-grade materials. It is necessary to remind that children under three years old must use this product under the guardian’s supervision to prevent children from putting bricks in their mouths and causing dangers

Children with visual impairment

When we design the product, we fully consider the children’s perception of the product and make the product more child-friendly. The product design is simple, and the colors are diverse, which significantly reduces the difficulty of identification, and allows children with low vision to focus on learning and use

Can DUMAQI be used while charging

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. Due to battery aging, there could be potential security risks. It’s safe to charge when DUMAQI is off the power. After half an hour, it should ready to go for a couple of hours

Do I need an external device with a screen such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer

No external device is required.DUMAQI is an educational product specially designed for children. To protect children’s eyesight, we use tangible programming solutions for education and entertainment. Children only need to use the packages provided by the DUMAQI official channel

What awards has GOBOT received

DUMAQI  has received excellent praises and honors since its beginning. At present, it has won two of the world’s most distinguished design awards, namely the Red Dot Award and the IF Award

Do you provide relevant course materials?

Yes. According to different purchase plans, we provide corresponding materials. Please consult relevant channels for details

Where can I find educational resources?

According to different purchase plans, we provide matching course resources. Currently only available to customers who have purchased the product

What can be learned by using DUMAQI

Users can learn essential features of programming, arithmetics, basic geometry, how to think reversely, analyzing skills, and debugging skills

I am from an educational institute. What kind of supports do you have for me

For educational institutes, please consult the official channel for the “Partnership Manual,” we describe our supports in detail in the manual

How does DUMAQI help children concerning the school curriculum

  1. Train children’s short-term memory/working memory. The repeated practice of elementary school mathematics also has the same purpose.
  2. Develop children’s logical thinking ability, problem analyzing and solving skills
  3. Our course contains relevant knowledge of basic mathematics so children can understand abstract knowledge more intuitively.
  4. Develop children’s independent thinking ability
  5. Exercise and strengthen your child’s attention

Do these courses attract children

DUMAQI is a new object that children haven’t seen before, and the course content is novel. Children have a natural curiosity for new things. They enjoy controlling the car as their external body for various learning adventures

How long does it take to learn core knowledge in programming

First, you can learn how to use DUMAQI and basic programming features in 30 minutes. However, this is just the beginning. Our supporting courses for one or two semesters will guide children to learn advanced programming concepts, their mathematic applications, basic geometric knowledge, computational thinking

If we have parent-child time at home, what are the necessary knowledge that parents need to master

Parents do not need to have professional knowledge. Parents can refer to our supporting materials for guidance, but parents need to be able to understand the relevant content and understand the teaching methods in it. It’s not so hard

In addition to the standard instruction blocks, what other instruction blocks are there

We also provide various functional expansion blocks, such as conditional blocks, random blocks, music blocks, etc. We are also constantly innovating and designing more feature-rich programming blocks

How many DUMAQI can be used at the same time

Each DUMAQI draw bot and control board are paired independently. Multiple sets of products can be used simultaneously without interference. If you use multiple sets of products at the same time, we recommend you to label each set separately for easy identification

Why use multiple sets of DUMAQI

  1. Educate and entertain multiple children at the same time.
  2. Competitive electronic board games using multiple sets of DUMAQI

How many children should be allowed to share one set of DUMAQI

The answer differs due to different contents, courses, and conditions. Older children like 5-7 years old could share one set of for 2-4 people. We advise younger children to use one set per person

Can I design my map

Yes, you can design your map. If you have good ideas and ideas, please boldly make it a reality. Design it on your computer, and then send the file to the nearby manufacturer to get your own map. We have provided official design guidance documents, including templates, design methods, design ideas, etc. If there is any need, please contact the official channel (currently, we only provide services based on customer plans, and do not provide guidance for all customers for the time being)

Is there any discount

Please track our official website/social media page, or you can consult authorized distributors

Is there a warranty

There is a one-year limited warranty(free repair or replacement). Warranty is void when products are damaged due to external causes, including usage not following product instruction. Please refer to the official DUMAQI channel for specific warranty plans

What should I do if some parts are missing or damaged

You can purchase accessories through distributors (agency or officially authorized partners). Please consult the official channel for details

What is the return policy

We don’t support returns for purchases not made online. For details, please consult the official channel

How to buy additional building blocks

Please purchase through DUMAQI official channels

Errors of the angle observed after a few rotations

After a few rotations, errors about 1 ° may be accumulated, which is normal. When in use, make sure the plane is flat enough. Errors could also happen due to different friction coefficients of materials

Draw bot is not moving

  1. Please check whether the switches of the car and the control board are turned on. If it is out of battery, please recharge it first.
  2. If there are multiple sets of DUMAQI, please confirm whether they match.
  3. Please confirm that the programming blocks are placed correctly. For example, there is only one “repeated” programming block in the main program, and there are no blocks in the subroutine.
  4. Please check the wheels if they are stuck

What if I need a card, or the card is lost

Chips are built inside the DUMAQI official supporting cards. For purchase, you need to contact the official channel