Coding with GOBOT

GOBOT aims at 4 to 9 years old children, teaching them the basic of coding off-screen. It encourages children's intelligence of coding and math, cultivating their logical thinking abilities

Know More About GOBOT

Board Game Maps

Various maps are available, each of them is unique with different scenarios and game rules. Children could take challenges and complete the task by themselves, or play a battling game with their friends.

Putting a whiteboard pen into the Drawing Bot, children can navigate it and sketch creative figures in the thinking of programming. In the same time, they acquire the knowledge of geometry.

LEGO Compatible

GOBOT+LEGO creates more fun. You could build your characteristic GOBOT with LEGO!

Have a Wonderful Time with GOBOT

GOBOT receives many admiring feedbacks and suggestions from parents, schools, and private tutorings. Children are having a wonderful time with GOBOT and learning in a playful way.

Parent-child Interaction

Private Tutoring

Try Out Something New

Education System

Competition and Challenge


Encourage Children's Intelligence

Our core value is to lead children to learn, comprehend, and make practical use of science through different learning methods. GOBOT is not just a toy, but an instrument with curriculums helping children exploring new fields of knowledge.
In the same times, it enhances children's logical thinking.